This site includes all the presentations from our two days of meetings at Yale-NUS College and NUS. The files are in either PPT or PDF formats.

Presentations from Yale-NUS meeting on “Ground Based Observing and Juno Support.” – Yale-NUS College, Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015. 

10:00-12:00PM Chris Go, Physics Department of the University of San Carlos. “High Resolution Planetary Imaging for JUNO Support.”  – chris.go.HiResPlanetImaging

1:30 -3:30PM – Glenn Orton, JPL senior scientist, “Ground-Based Observing and Juno Support.” – Orton_Juno_observational_support

Presentations from the ICCP9 meeting at NUS “Global Observatories and New Discoveries in Time-Domain Astronomy and Astrophysics” – NUS, Friday, Jan. 9, 2015. 

9:00-9:30AM Dr. Mansi Kasliwal –  Carnegie Observatories/ California Institute of Technology, ““Transients in the Local Universe: Today and Tomorrow” – mansi_ICCP9_Jan2015

9:30-10:00AM Prof. Chow Choong Ngeow, NCU, Taiwan,“Operation and Science Highlights for Lulin Observatory (Taiwan) – chow_choong.ICCP_2014_Ngeow.

10:00-10:30AM Dr. Myungshin Im – Seoul National University “Observational Study of Transients at Seoul National University” – myungshin.iccp9_im

11:30-12:00PM Dr. Varun Bhalero – IUCAA, Pune, India, “Observing resources and Time Domain Activities in India” – vb_igo_aries

12:00-12:30 PM Dr. Andrea Richichi – National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) “Astrophysics in the seconds to milliseconds time domain: selected results from the Thai 2.4-meter telescope equipped with ULTRASPEC” – richichi-iccp9

1:45-2:00PM Prof. Bryan Penprase – Yale-NUS College and Pomona College – “The ZTF undergraduate program, and using the 1-meter and Brackett Observatories for Transient Followup” – b.penprase.iccp9talk

2:00-2:30PM. Prof Phil Choi – Pomona College – “KAPAO: Design, Construction and First-light Observations of a Low-Cost, Natural Guide Star Adaptive Optics Instrument” – Choi_Jan2015_KAPAO

2:30-3:00PM Mr. Franklin Marsh -Pomona College –  “A Study of Cyclones and AntiCyclones in Jupiter’s North Tropical Zone, 2003-2013” –

3:00-3:30PM  Mr. Redzuan Mohammed – Langkawi National Observatory, Ankasa – “The Malaysian Langkawi National Observatory and its Capabilities” – redzuan.langkawi.LNO

3:30PM-4:00PM Dr. Bryan Penprase – “Next Steps – Projects, Coordination, Software and Targets for a Global Telescope Network in the coming year.” (Discussion – whiteboard showing ideas for “Next Steps” and “Aspirations” for our Asian network of telescopes) – next.steps