For those of you flying into Singapore, this page can help you find lodging and also the conference venue. The National University of Singapore is about a 30 minute taxi ride from Singapore’s Changi airport. The nearest hotel that is often used by NUS conferences is the Park Avenue Rochester hotel. The Yale-NUS and NUS venues can be reached by a short taxi ride from this hotel or using the 196 bus which stops right outside the hotel. Another option which might work for some is the very nice set of serviced apartments at Fusionopolis, known as the Fusionopolis Fraser Place¬†residences near the 1-north MRT stop.

For the first day of meetings on January 8, our venue is the Yale-NUS College, located in University Town, a new part of the NUS campus near the corner of Clementi and Dover roads. The Yale-NUS College campus is under construction so the new college is housed in a building known as “RC4” and our first day of meetings will be here. You can get to this site by taxi or 196 bus; just specify “Corner of Dover+Clementi” and look for signs for Yale-NUS College.

For the second day of meetings on January 9, our venue will be on the main NUS campus in their “Faculty of Science” building. The locations of the Yale-NUS College, NUS Science and Park Avenue Rochester hotels are shown below in the map. The NUS ICCP9 meeting has published a very helpful guide with general information on how to get to the NUS venues, and other details such as information on the conference banquet, registration, and more details about the sessions for ICCP9. You can download this very helpful guide at this link: ¬†ICCP9.general.information¬†(PDF). The venue for the second day is the building labeled “Block S16” – there will be a large banner sign in front showing the ICCP9 conference. Our room is on the third floor, in room 03-05/06. The session number for our astronomy meeting is “Mini-Symposium B17” and the sessions begin at 9:00AM.