ICCP9 Schedule + Reg.

Our symposium on time-domain astronomy within the NUS ICCP9 meeting is part of a larger high performance computing conference sponsored by NUS, the National University of Singapore. Our session will take place on January 9 on the NUS campus. A conference banquet is available to registered participants on the evening of Friday, January 9. The conference banquet is at the Ban Heng Pavilion Restaurant HarbourFront Centre #04-01 at 1 Maritime Square, Singapore 099253 Website: http://www.banheng.com.sg/. A bus will pick participants up at NUS at 6:15PM for the banquet, and return to hotels and MRT station at 9:30PM.

The registration for the ICCP9 conference is handled by NUS. Attendees to our meeting are urged to register at the ICCP9 conference registration link. In addition, you should send an abstract of your talk (using the template below) to the organizer, Dr. Bryan Penprase at bryan.penprase@yale-nus.edu.sg. The template for the abstract is available at this link – please download the ICCP9_abstract_form.

The ICCP9 session for astronomy is number B17 and is entitled Global Observatories and New Discoveries in Time-Domain Astronomy and Astrophysics. This session will begin at 9:00AM on January 9, in the NUS room 03-05 in Block S16. To get to the venue, look for the buildings for “Faculty of Science” at the NUS campus. The physical address for this building is Block S16, 6 Science Drive 2, Singapore 117546.

Our schedule is below and can also be downloaded as a PDF file at this link: B17.ICCP9.Astronomy.Program.

Abstracts for our talks are available as a PDF File at this link: B17.ICCP9.Astronomy.Abstracts

General information (including extensive maps and a review of the ICCP9 conference venue, banquet and other details) is available as a PDF file at this link: ICCP9.general.information


Program for ICCP9 session B17 – “Global Observatories and New Discoveries in Time-Domain Astronomy and Astrophysics”

9:00-9:30AM Dr. Mansi Kasliwal –  Carnegie Observatories/ California Institute of Technology, “Transients in the Local Universe: Today and Tomorrow” (by telecon) http://www.astro.caltech.edu/~mansi/research.html

9:30-10:00AM Prof. Chow Choong Ngeow, NCU, Taiwan,“Operation and Science Highlights for Lulin Observatory (Taiwan)” http://www.astro.ncu.edu.tw/people/faculty_bio.php?id=6

10:00-10:30AM Dr. Myungshin Im – Seoul National University “Observational Study of Transients at Seoul National University”

Coffee Break

11:15-11:30 Dr. Charles Bailyn, Dean, Yale-NUS College. “Studies of Black Holes and SMARTS consortium”

11:30-12:00PM Dr. Varun Bhalero – IUCAA, Pune, India, “Observing resources and Time Domain Activities in India” (by telecon). http://www.iucaa.ernet.in/~varunb/Research/Research.htm

12:00-12:30 PM Dr. Andrea Richichi – National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) “Astrophysics in the seconds to milliseconds time domain: selected results from teh Thai 2.4-meter telescope equipped with ULTRASPEC”


1:45-2:00PM Prof. Bryan Penprase – Yale-NUS College and Pomona College – “The ZTF undergraduate program, and using the 1-meter and Brackett Observatories for Transient Followup” http://www.astronomy.pomona.edu/bpenprase/

2:00-2:30PM. Prof Phil Choi – Pomona College – “KAPAO: Design, Construction and First-light Observations of a Low-Cost, Natural Guide Star Adaptive Optics Instrument”

2:30-3:00PM Mr. Franklin Marsh -Pomona College –  “A Study of Cyclones and AntiCyclones in Jupiter’s North Tropical Zone, 2003-2013”

3:00-3:30PM  Mr. Redzuan Mohammed – Langkawi National Observatory, Ankasa – “The Malaysian Langkawi National Observatory and its Capabilities” – http://www2.angkasa.gov.my/langkawi_observatory/

3:30PM-4:00PM Dr. Bryan Penprase – “Next Steps – Projects, Coordination, Software and Targets for a Global Telescope Network in the coming year.” (Discussion)

Conference Banquet – will leave NUS at 6:15PM – Location is Harbourfront Seafood restaurant