Yale-NUS and NUS meetings for “Time-Domain Astronomy” – Jan. 8-9, 2015

This site is intended to help provide introductions to the various observatories represented at our upcoming meetings at Yale-NUS and NUS during January 8-9, 2015. Our conference has two sessions – the first is to help coordinate a global network of telescopes for supporting NASA’s Juno mission, as well as to develop new techniques for global observing of solar system objects. This first session is entitled Observations from a Coordinated Network of Asian Observatories to Support the Juno Mission and other Space Exploration Missions.¬† The second session on January 9 is part of the NUS ICCP9 conference, and is entitled¬†Global Observatories and New Discoveries in Time-Domain Astronomy and Astrophysics.¬†This session will feature presentations from Caltech’s Palomar Transient Factory team, as well as presentations from the leading observatories in Asia located in Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, India and Malaysia.

More information on these meetings, including a meeting schedule, travel information, registration and conference hotel information can be found on the tabs above. You can also direct inquiries to the meeting organizer, Dr. Bryan Penprase, at bryan.penprase@yale-nus.edu.sg.